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Fineart - The Original Edition

2010 Ib Westersoe developed his characteristic style in "Fineart" as a personal project. It has been fine tuned and is recognized as art on exhibition in several countries.

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The best possible quality combined with creativity and expertice. It is now possible to order your own photo session. Ib Westersoe is primarily available in his studio in Denmark. But you can book a session in your own country. Maybe even get together a small group of women and have a session each.

It is said: Every woman deserves the experience of a fabulous photosession that will make her feel special and be great for self confidence.

It is good for your soul and heart to be confirmed in looking great in photographs.

The best thing about this kind of portraiting is you don't need to be young or have model size. Ib Westersoe will allways find the special great curves and shapes of your body and capture the essence of who you are in a flattering and honest way and still aestehically beautiful. You will be blown away by the fantastic results. No photoshop or cheating. Just you.

You never need to think about being awkward or uncomfortable. It is fun, engaging and full of intensity.

Boudoir Galleri

Artistic fineart photography

Top quality artistic fineart photography

In the gallery you will find unique "Fineart" images of real people all ages and varying in size and shape - but you will not be able to judge. It is just art. Don't think it is not for me. It is. The photographer takes responsibility to guide your posing in the best possible way for you.

If you have any hesitation, doubt or question ask right away. Call me or write an email You can reach me on messenger or Skype as well.  Details at the bottom.

You can allways bring a friend to join you, if you want. But in fact most women like to be alone. It is absolutely your choice.

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Fineart - new products

Photosession fee

Fee depends on location and time spent. A session will take 2-3 hours from start to end including final walk through the results and deciding for what pictures to print.

We do all the printing to make sure it matches our requirements for quality.

The product line includes top end products printed in ultimate quality and on special materials ranging from fineart durable museum paper to aluminum high gloss saturated borderless prints contemporary look or nicely framed.


Ib Westersoe will guide you through the whole process and you will feel confident.

No matter if the whole experience is for your own enjoyment or you simply want to give away a totally unique strongly personal gift to a beloved man important in your life. We guarantee satisfaction.

If it is a gift you will be proud and prove your love and affection to that someone special deserving the very private attention.

If for your own sake. Take care it could be a highly addictive experience - women say.


More than 70.000 people have been watching the video from the photo studio. Take a look.


As a higly recognized photographer in the Danish community of photographers Ib Westersoe is in charge of the qualificationsystem that aims for educating high end photographers.

Even before becoming responsible for the system Ib Westersoe had reached the highest level called "dff-Supreme Qualified Masterphotographer" which only 5 photographers have done so far.

Ib Westersoe has had a lifelong passion for photography and is allways striving for the highest quality and perfection.


Photographer Ib Westersoe
Asylgade 7 st. 3
5000 Odense C
Danish homepage: Fotograf Westersø
Phone +45-2332 2391
Messenger: Westersoe
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